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Timeshare Exit specific

If just one of the following is true for a you as a Timeshare owner, then the potential is there for a claim to be made against the resort for the contract to be declared Null and Void:

    • You paid ANY money in the first 90 days after signing the contract. (Most customers took out loan agreements on the day, which qualifies as payment.
    • The timeshare contract was in perpetuity(Most contracts were written for 50 years or more, which qualifies).
    • The owner purchased a ‘floating’ week, not a fixed week on a specific property. (Although applying to specific resorts, this practice was widespread).

    What’s more, if the case is won, you may also be able to recover up to 90% of the amount you initially paid for the purchase of the timeshare.

Lost Deposit specific

We specialise in recovering money from Spanish banks that they held on behalf of clients who had deposited funds with them for stage payments on off-plan properties that were never built.

A law introduced in 1968 decreed that the banks should protect this money until the property was built, and guarantee its return should the developer go out of business before completing the build.

This Spanish law was largely ignored until our Solicitor along with a small number of legal professionals successfully won a series of cases against the banks. This has opened the way for tens of thousands of UK residents, who thought their money was lost, to claim their money back.

The Spanish Supreme court has confirmed the 2015 judgements, so if you transferred money to a Spanish bank for an off-plan property that was never built, then you have a very good chance of getting it back, with interest.

There are a small number of instances where individual circumstances will invalidate a claim, but these are uncommon. We will be able to assess this once we have received your initial paperwork. However, we do not charge any fees to anyone if their claim is ineligible or unsuccessful.

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