Welcome to Reclaim in Spain

At Reclaim in Spain we specialise in helping UK clients claim back money lost on unbuilt Spanish property or trapped in Timeshare Contracts that were mis-sold and are now a burden to the owners.

We are a U.K based company but we also have offices in Spain to help give you the best chance at getting your money back.

We currently represent more than a thousand UK residents and work with two of the most successful Spanish Solicitors who, if necessary, will represent you in any legal action. But don’t worry, we do all the hard work for you.

Please click on one of the red panels below to find out more about legally exiting your timeshare or how to get back the money you lost on off-plan Spanish property that was never built.



We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients so if you’d like to meet us in person then please except our invitation to visit our head office and be introduced to the friendly, helpful staff that will be working on your case.